14 Best Money Books For Kids!

Do you want to raise kids who are financially savvy? We’ve put together the top money-related books for children to teach them early financial literacy!

Introduction to financial concepts and concepts that surround it at a young age as possible can be extremely helpful in ensuring that your children grasp the concepts.

Understanding the concepts of money will be the initial step to take before they put the concepts into the real world.

We also recognize it is the most effective method to learn. Thus, including stories on money to your child’s book rotation is a great method to engage them about the subject.

Let’s explore some of the advantages of books on money for children!

The benefits of reading books for children about money

“Children observe, but children aren’t.” Did you hear of this previously? It’s true, though, isn’t it?

Sometimes, our kids copying us is something that is amusing.

However, children may learn from their parents’ spending behavior as well.

If you’re in good financial habits, you’re an excellent model for your children. However, if your children have heard or seen your stressing about money and you’re stressed out, then you may need some strategies to counteract the stress.

Making time to teach the basics of grocery shopping is a good place to begin. And, then you can bring the lessons home by making them read a few finance books for children.

Why is it important to read money books for children?

The stories of money that are short can teach children about financial matters, people, as well as things that aren’t part of their personal experiences. This opens them up to new perspectives of living, ideas and concepts about the world.

The reading of short narratives on money are an excellent method to show them that they are able to create something new and superior to the current knowledge they have.

Additionally, teens today are living in a world that is digital, in which there’s a lot of information available. The volume of money advice available on YouTube and other social media sites is often overwhelming. It can also be a challenge when people follow advice that is misleading.

As adults, we have a lot of concerns about money. This can make it a difficult topic when brought up with our children.

The majority of the time we alter our discussions about money based on our own personal experiences and prejudices. It turns our children away from listening, and even studying.

So, in some cases handing to them the book is a better option .

The best finance books for children

Here are our top money-related books for children which are guaranteed to motivate and inspire your children into the building of a solid financial base !

  1. Investing for Children How to save, invest and grow your money Written by Dylin Redling as well as Allison Tom

The process of raising money-savvy children is made easier by reading books such as Investing for Kids. It offers children ages 8-12 a head start on the fundamentals of how money works including the best ways to earn it and how to begin an investment plan. This helps kids dream of a day when they can have funds in the bank.

The Dollar Duo, Dylin Redling The Dollar Duo, Dylin Redling Allison Tom, also cover vital and informative information on investing and ways you can make money grow and increase wealth. Additionally, the book offers interactive activities and discussions which kids of all ages can enjoy.

  1. Financial 101 For Kids Money-Lessons Children can’t afford to miss Written by Walter Andal

Walter Andal was frustrated with the lack of personal financial resources for his children to learn from, so he created one. This book Finance 101 for Kids is exactly as it sounds.

It’s among the most educational and enjoyable books about money for kids that teach children the way money functions. They can then develop a solid understanding of how to manage money. The book also teaches about how important it is to give in the society.

  1. How to turn $100 into $1,000,000 Earn! Save! Invest! by James McKenna, Jeannine Glista, et al.

The book How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000, is an extensive introduction to financial planning for children aged 10-12. It also offers a number of extremely helpful advice on creating financial goals as well as investing smartly and creating an enterprise.

This book stresses savings with the added benefit of teaching your children how to consider themselves millionaires. I find it refreshing to know that millionaires aren’t those who have millions of dollars, but rather those with one million bucks.

Young readers will appreciate the inspirational stories of millionaires and the ways they made it. Additionally, the illustrations and layout are amazing.

It makes the book simple to read and keeps the child’s attention. This is the reason we included it in our list of the top finance books for children.

  1. A Girl’s Guide to Smartness to Financial Planning (Revised) The Way to make it, save it, and spend it (Smart Girl’s Guides) Written by Nancy Holyoke and Brigette Barrager

Introduce books written by your child’s viewpoint such as A The Smart Girl’s Guide, is a excellent way to get your kids interested and to encourage them to ask questions. In this book, Nancy Holyoke and Brigette Barrager help girls manage their money in a fun and easy method.

The book contains tests, advice and useful remarks from fellow girls, which are guaranteed to please and inspire your middle schooler.

  1. Money Ninja A Kids’ Book about Saving, Investing and Giving (Ninja Tips for Life) written by Mary Nhin

This Money Ninja book is part of the Ninja Life Hacks books series targeted at children aged 3-11. It helps children learn important life skills via stories that feature colourful illustrations featuring cute characters.

Have a read with your children and toddlers. It’s a great way to introduce the notions of making money, saving, and giving. These all promote the development of a child’s mindset.

  1. The Grandpa’s Fortune Fables Fun Stories to teach kids about Money written by Will Rainey

Make use of the Grandpa’s Fortune Fables as a tool to connect with your children with short and fun tales about the subject of money. The book is about Gail thirteen-year-old Gail who tells the story of her grandpa’s adventures on an exotic island. Each chapter is a financial lesson designed to teach children how to manage their money.

Will Rainey does an excellent job of explaining financial concepts in a simple format. The book is simple to read and includes instructions for your children to follow.

Discussing and reading the lessons is an excellent method to teach your children about money from an early age. That’s the reason we included this book to our list of most effective books on finance for children.

  1. Kid’s Activity Books about Finance and Money: Help Learn about Saving and Borrowing, as well as Planning for the Future. 40+ quizzes and Puzzles written by Allan Kunigis

Children are sponges, and take in everything going in the world in the world around them. We, the parents can help nurture this thirst for knowledge through amazing books such as Kids Activity Book on Finance and Finance.

Your child can be taught about money through fun activities like crosswords, word searches, puzzles games, rhymes, quizzes and more.

The games introduce children to the concepts of money. Even if it just prompts children to inquire, it’s the best way to establish the foundations of financial knowledge.

  1. What is money? Personal financial advice to Kids Written by Kelly Lee

In the world of children who do not see the value of paying for things that we buy using actual money, it’s more important to get the idea out there in the earliest possible time.

” What is the word “money?” ” can be a great book for reading to your child.

The book includes stories of money, pictures, simple language, and bright pages. Everything is age-appropriate for your toddler.

It is one of the books written by children that we vote on. It includes a series of questions, with very simple explanations and illustrations. Your children will be thrilled to go through it again and repeatedly.

  1. The importance of investing for teens Learn How to Increase Your Investment and Grow Your Money! Written by Alex Higgs

Investment is a noisy field currently, particularly through social media. There’s a feeling that everyone is an expert, yet they’re all saying something different. Therefore, you can help your child find the right advice and valuable information using one of the most valuable money-related books for kids.

The book entitled investing for Teens is designed for young adultsaged 13-18 as a step-by step guide for the foundations to their future. It covers a wide range of topics that will assist them in managing and growing their wealth and set them on the path to financial independence.

  1. The Everything Kids Money Book Learn to Earn save it, then watch it grow! By Brette Sember

Help your children understand the importance of money and become financially responsible adults using This book. Everything Kids’ Money Book .

Your children will be taught about the basics of the money system like how coins and bills are made , and what they can purchase.

Brette Sember also discusses how children could earn and save or invest funds. It’s also one of the books for children on money that addresses the basics and pitfalls of financial technology . It’s an absolute must for children who are growing up in the digital world.

  1. “Heads up Money” by Marcus Weeks

This Heads Up Money book covers intricate economic and financial subjects that include demand and supply investment, market developments. It provides answers to questions like, “what would happen if the bank just printed more money? ?”

Although the subjects are complex, they are presented in a lively engaging, enjoyable, and easy-to-follow design that is targeted at children from grades 5-12.

  1. I Need More Pizza: Real World Money Skills for High College, School, and Beyond By Steve Burkholder

I Want More Pizza is an almost mini-book, which is perfect for teens who aren’t big readers. Even if it’s a little short the book is still a powerful read.

It employs Pizza as a model in order to eliminate barriers to young adults’ fear of learning about managing their money.

If your child is teenager, you’re aware of how difficult it is to make them want to learn more about something. We require as much assistance as we can get.

Also, buy them a pizza book which teaches the importance of saving and spending, setting goals, investing in their knowledge and taking action in real-world situations.

  1. Kyng and Kyren’s Generational Wealth Building Activity Book by Kyren Gibson

As Kyren became a father and had a baby, he took a decision to alter his lifestyle. Kyren was determined create a lasting legacy to Kyng, his young son. Kyng. So began his journey of discovering how to create generational wealth.

He wrote Kyng and Kyren’s book on Generational Wealth Building to inform his audience on the basic elements that are required for financial literacy. In addition, he makes learning entertaining, enjoyable and motivating as it is possible.

  1. More Money I’m sorry: The Finance Secrets You Never Acquired in school By Scott Gamm

More Money More Money, Please is a personal financial education course designed for students in high school, college and recent graduates. It’s a thorough and easy-to-understand guide to money management.

It guides readers through the process of budgeting, paying for college without taking on huge debt, and also saving to retire early.

This book Scott Gamm also discusses the reasons why having a credit card is a great option and how you can use phones and technology to make for bills in time.

Help your children become financially smart with the top books on money for kids

A lot of us reached adulthood without having any knowledge of money management. We wish we were better equipped. However, most of our parents did not have the skills to pass on.

Additionally, much of the advice on money that was successful in the past isn’t working today. This won’t be applicable to the world that our children will be growing up in.

We must do better for our children. Begin early with money talks even if it’s reading stories that are short about money. Get them interested in learning about financial literacy with the assistance of the books on money for children on this list.

For more information, read the other clever Girl Finance articles about financial health and how children can earn money!

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