8 Best Beaches in Egypt to Visit 

If someone is heading on their vacation, the most difficult thing is choosing a place to go. If picking an appropriate destination isn’t easy, is there a better option than vacationing in Egypt?

It’s evident to most individuals that the first image they have when they hear the word Egypt will be the pyramids. But what most people aren’t aware of is the fact that this North African country is also beautiful and does not have anything to do with the pyramids.

It is blessed with an extensive coastline that extends from the Mediterranean up to and including the Red Sea. With such a vast coastline, there are plenty of top-quality beach resorts in Egypt. Here’s a list of the top 8 beaches in Egypt:

  1. Na’ama Bay

When talking about paradise, the word “paradise” must be linked to Naama Bay. This paradise is located in Egypt’s most sought-after beach resort town of Sharm El Sheikh. Naama Bay also is sandwiched between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. Being a natural-occurring beach, Naama Bay boasts of white sandy beaches as well as the deep blue waters that flow from the Red Sea.

In the course of time, Naama Bay has become the most popular beach for visitors to Egypt. Naama Bay is an ideal beach for families as well as couples who are travelling together, as it provides families-friendly accommodation, entertainment, and activities. The most recognizable things to see in Naama Bay are the coral reefs as well as the stunning diving spots of Naama Bay. Ras Mohammed National Park.

There are a lot of options for families that everyone can enjoy, including snorkelling, diving, parasailing glass boat excursions or Scuba diving. Don’t worry about it. The activities are conducted by professionals and are categorized in accordance with the degree of experience of each person.

The view that surrounds Naama Bay is also something that should be admired, thanks to Naama Bay is located at the right spot to see this rough Saudi Arabian mountainous coastline. Additionally, the hotels and restaurants that surround the beach are the best Egyptian food in the world. Packing sunscreen before you go is essential as it can get harsh.

  1. El Gouna

It is an Arabic name that translates to the lagoon. El Gouna is located about 27 km north of the city of Hurghada on Egypt’s eastern coast. El Gouna beach comprises cobbled streets and small lagoons that are woven together to create one of the most sought-after beaches.

The principal theme surrounding this beach is a relaxing vacation with lots of things to do that will let your time in Egypt go by without knowing it. The area in El Gouna is literally mad for you to unwind and unwind. Every resort is considered to be a 5-star resort.

El Gouna always experiences strong winds, which makes it the ideal location for extreme water sports such as paragliding, kite surfing and waterskiing. Other options include stand-up paddle boarding, horse riding, snorkelling, kayaking, scuba-diving and ATV excursions in the desert.

El Gouna is also famous for its 19-hole course golf. The conditions at El Gouna are primarily hot and sunny throughout the year, which makes it possible to go there at any time of the year.

  1. Dahab Lagoon

It is located in the southeast region of The Sinai Peninsula. Dahab Lagoon is among the most beautiful beach in Egypt. The beach located at Dahab Lagoon is one of its kind because it’s comprised of rocky and sandy shoreline, but that does not mean that it isn’t a great place to enjoy the many pleasures the beach can provide.

Dahab Lagoon is usually very tranquil due to the small volume of traffic that passes through the beach, which makes it the ideal spot to disconnect and truly enjoy their holiday. Despite the shoreline’s roughness, Dahab Lagoon is home to some of the best surf spots. The wind in Dahab Lagoon is usually strong making it perfect for kite, wave and windsurfing.

Dahab Lagoon also offers terrific locations for scuba diving as well as snorkelling. Along with beaches, Dahab Lagoon offers the possibility of special excursions, jeep and camel rides, as well as ATV tours.

The central region in Dahab Lagoon is filled with cafes and restaurants that are built on the rock which have covered the shoreline, offering a variety of food options. One of the distinctive features that are unique to Dahab Lagoon is that it offers accommodations for backpackers.

  1. Soma Bay

It is regarded as amongst the best three kitesurfing destinations around the globe. Soma Bay is located just 44 kilometres to the south of Hurghada International Airport along the Red Sea. Soma Bay has a broad area of coastline that is home to five resorts that provide extravagant and all-inclusive vacation packages.

The area at Soma Bay is so pristine that many people have regarded Soma Bay as the best location to unwind away from the bustle of being close to cities. Soma Bay is all-inclusive and the perfect beach getaway for couples as well as families. The resorts that line Soma Bay are world-renowned for their romantic setting, which makes Soma Bay one of the most romantic locations in the world.

In addition to offering peace and romantic moments, Soma Bay also provides an array of water activities and beach activities. Kite surfing can be enjoyed as paddleboarding, snorkelling, windsurfing, scuba diving, soccer, beach volleyball or touch rugby.

The entertainment and entertainment options in Soma Bay are also top-class and accommodate all age groups, and make sure that everyone can take advantage of their holiday to the maximum. Soma Bay also boasts of an impressive marina that extends across the sea and provides the ideal setting for a romantic and beautiful stroll at sunset.

  1. Ras Um Sid

It is located south of Na’ama Bay and the Sinai Peninsula, Ras Um Sid is full of sandy beaches and sun-soaked lounges to lounge on. Ras Um Sid is world-renowned for its coral reefs and gorgonian forests which makes it one of the most beautiful beaches within the Sharm El Sheik region.

The depth of Ras Um Sid’s is relatively shallow, creating a lot of divers and snorkelers flock to its shores for the chance to get the stunning reefs that abound in the area. The waters surrounding Ras Um Sid are full of marine life. And Glass cruises are the main attraction.

Ras Um Sid also boasts of hot and sunny summer days throughout the year and is an extremely sought-after beach in the north of Africa. Other options in Ras Um Sid include scuba diving, snorkelling, diving, and snorkelling.

Is Ras Um Sid beach is coated with golden sand and is flanked by an edifice. The Cliff located at Ras Um Sid is a well-known spot with an incredibly tranquil view of the region and is also considered to be the ideal place to view the sunset and rise.

  1. Makadi Bay

It is situated in Hurghada to the west within and located in Hurghada west of the Red Sea; Makadi Bay is the only beach in Hurghada that has been specifically designated for tourists, with no locals in the region. The beach is lined with pure white soft sand, with stunning landscapes made up of endless dunes and the backdrop view of the magnificent Sinai mountains.

Access to the ocean depends on the hotels as the majority of areas of the coastline are split into complexes of hotels. The water of Makadi Bay is mostly calm and clear, allowing for those who want to take glass boat excursions snorkelling, scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming.

Makadi Bay is very inclusive and is the ideal destination for families to spend their vacation. Tourists can also take part in other activities, such as visiting the pharaonic temples as well as tombs, as well as beach sports such as volleyball and beach football. In terms of entertainment, resorts provide low-cost packages and world-class amenities like nighttime entertainment, water parks as well as swimming pools and children’s clubs.

  1. Fjord Bay

It is located 15 km from Taba. Fjord Bay is widely regarded as the most popular spot in Egypt for water sports fans. Fjord Bay is located on the Red Sea, bordering Egypt and Israel. The beach offers a stunning landscape and stunning weather conditions, which have made it extremely popular with tourists in Egypt.

Fjord Bay waters are usually clean and clear, with soft and easy access points that allow you to swim with kids, and there is no need to wear special water shoes. The scenery of Fjord Bay is comprised of palm tree-lined oases as well as vibrant coral reefs.

Fjord Bay has many activities, including extreme water sports, such as parasailing, jet skis as well as hoverboarding, wakeboarding, kite surfing as well as water surfing. Other water-based activities are snorkelling, Scuba diving, fishing and glass boat tours.

There are plenty of resorts that offer top-quality accommodations and services for couples and families. Fjord Bay also boasts of natural attractions such as sand dunes and a stunning night sky that blends pink and blue tones, creating an amazing view.

The ideal season to go to Fjord Bay is generally all year long, however not during August and July, because the heat during that time can be unbearable.

  1. Sharm El Sheikh Beach

The beach is situated to the south of the Sinai Peninsula at the base of the Aqaba Gulf. Sharm El Sheikh beach is known as the most beautiful of Egypt’s beach resorts. One of the most important facts concerning Sharm El Sheikh beach is that it’s half artificial.

In the past, Sharm El Sheikh beach was comprised of a rocky surface with reef fragments and large pebbles. So to transform it into a fully-fledged beach, large amounts of sand were employed to join the pieces. Because of being able to introduce sands from a different site, the colour of the sand on Sharm El Sheikh beach tends to vary. In certain zones, the sand is bright yellow. In some places, it is slightly darker.

Sharm El Sheikh Beach has deep water. Therefore, swimming should be restricted to 10-15 metres of shoreline, and children should be supervised by their parents. Despite the risks, Sharm El Sheikh beach is the most popular beach in the nation and has a variety of five-star resorts and hotels.

There are a variety of things that people can take part in visiting Sharm El Sheikh beaches, including jet skiing, flyboarding, free diving, scuba diving, yachting, reef exploration as well as hoverboarding.

Why Visit Egypt?

When selecting a place to vacation is best to choose an area that provides many options for adventures, activities and the opportunity to unwind. What better place to check all of those boxes than Egypt? As one of the oldest civilizations, Egypt can be described as a place that is full of wonder and beauty. From the golden beaches to the Sinai mountains, to the pyramids and the most famous Open-air Museum, Luxor, There are plenty of things to discover, do, and experience in Egypt. Here’s a list of some other activities Egypt can offer:

  • In the steps of Moses
  • Desert safaris
  • Egyptian cuisine
  • Egyptian culture
  • Tombs belonging to the Egyptian pharaohs
  • A horseback ride or a camel through the desert
  • The white-water rafting on the Nile
  • Learn about Egyptian architecture

While it’s not famous for its beaches, Egypt surely has some gems in its possession. It is vital that when planning the trip, tourists be patient and ensure that everything is packed and all medical needs are fulfilled.

If you are ever in Egypt, It is advised that visitors observe the culture of the locals and adhere to the rules of the country. It’s an added benefit that visitors should at the very least master a few words in the language spoken by the country they’re travelling to. This will allow them to enjoy a pleasant time visiting the country.