Enjoy the summer heat by making your Icecream.

If it’s humid and hot during the summer, you can consider it an indication that the universe has given you a reason to indulge in more Ice cream. It’s easy to get instant satisfaction by purchasing a cone at the local scoop shop, but why not try to create your favourite flavour at home?

“It seems intimidating, but it’s quite easy,” said Jackie Cuscuna, founder of Brooklyn, New York ice cream shop The Social. Making homemade Ice cream “seems like something more like alchemy. You’re taking a liquid and turning it into a delectable frozen solid,” she explained.

This recipe can be made by anyone who cooks at home, regardless of their skill level. All you require is some basic ingredients and some imagination. This is how you can turn your kitchen into an entire Ice cream lab.

You don’t need pricey equipment.

The first thing to do is require an ice cream machine that can make frozen concoctions. However, you don’t have to spend your money to buy one that can do the job properly. “It’s absolutely 100% OK to start with a basic model — anyone will do,” Cuscuna stated.

The models with the lowest price use bowls that must be frozen before use take up the freezer space, and demand advance planning. But, if the extra time and thought are necessary in terms of cost, the models are reliable and last for a long time. The compressor models are more expensive (and heavier), but they don’t need advanced freezing.

(If you’re wondering about the ingredients this food writer makes for the homemade frozen Icecream she makes, after 15 years of creating and testing recipes with an ordinary freezer bowl, I decided to switch to a compressor around 2020. )

To test your skills, it is possible to make ice cream using electricity. Although they don’t employ it for large-scale productions sold on the shelves of The Social when her family creates ice cream to have fun, “we prefer to do the old school method with a hand crank ice cream churner with ice and rock salt,” Cuscuna stated if you’re looking to find something to keep your kids busy at the beach or in the lake cabin you might want to store one of these models there.

There is no need to employ eggs.

Many ice cream recipes utilize eggs as a custard base to give the final frozen dessert its dense and smooth texture. “Eggs are an emulsifier,” Cuscuna explained. They contain fats and proteins that aid in maintaining the consistency of ice cream while it is whipped as air bubbles get whisked to form the base.

For a classic egg-based custard recipe, you can whip to create a creamy vanilla Ice Cream. You can personalize it by modifying it using classic mix-ins or experimenting with different combinations such as Rice Krispie Treat ice cream.

Churning an ice cream base by hand inside an ice-cold bowl.

If you do not want to include eggs in the base of your ice cream, “you need to add something else that’s going to allow it to be as creamy as it can be,” Cuscuna explained. Philadelphia-style ice cream, referred to because it was believed to be invented by Benjamin Franklin during the sweltering summer of 1787 to chill his colleagues Constitutional Convention delegates, uses heavy cream with sugar, milk, and milk as its base. The fats contained in the heavy cream assist in emulsifying the mixture, but it could be more of a soft-serve texture than other egg-based ice creams.

Other ingredients could serve in place of eggs to stabilize and help emulsify the Icecream. Portland is an Oregon-based ice creamery. Salt & Straw uses xanthan gum, light corn syrup, and dry milk powder to make its egg-free base for ice cream. Meanwhile, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream base is made up of cream cheese, light corn syrup, and cornstarch. For a rich and chocolatey egg-free ice cream, create the Philadelphia-style Rocky Road ice cream, which uses cocoa powder to smooth and thicken the base of the Icecream.

You can also try The Social’s method of giving their bases for ice cream, which are all egg-free, thicker and with the body. “We puree the mix-ins that we’re using, like brownies or ooey gooey butter cake,” into the base of the ice cream, Cuscuna explained. Mixing ingredients such as cookies and cakes into the base provides it with “a thicker, creamier, more resonant flavour,” she explained.

Ice cream that is no-churn or dairy-free? It’s not a problem!

With the abundance of high-quality dairy products made of nuts and plants available, making vegan ice cream at home is much simpler than it was just a decade ago. Coconut, almond, or cashew milk are among the most sought-after substitutes to get the rich and creamy Ice cream flavour without dairy. This salted bourbon caramel ice cream makes use of coconut milk and cashews.

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It is creating real dairy farms with no cows

The idea of no-churn ice cream may appear to be a new trend, particularly when you’re on Pinterest. The idea was around for over one century. For instance, the classic Italian dessert known as semifreddo is created by mixing whipped cream and eggs, then freezing the mixture until it reaches a mousse-like consistency.

Certain modern recipes swap out the eggs and substitute sweetened condensed with the same gooey texture as egg yolks that are sugar-thickened and can be flavoured in any way. Ice cream that is dairy-free and no-churn coconut milk that is full-fat mimics the structure and texture of thick cream extremely well to create a richly smooth and silky-smooth finished product.

Homemade lemon-flavoured ice cream. Serve with lemon wedges and mint garnish.

Oksana Bratanova/Adobe Stock

Where do I begin?

With all the options available, it’s difficult to choose which flavour of ice cream you’ll need to start with. (I’m choosing my old-fashioned most-loved lemon crisp Ice cream. )

Whatever you choose to make, “it’s never going to be bad,” Cuscuna stated. Making homemade Icecream will be “more about the combination of flavours that are going to speak to you and resonate to that childlike sense you have,” she explained.

Suppose it’s a Cracker Jack-inspired Ice cream flavour that you can put into your favourite rubber baseball cap, dairy-free summer berry ice cream, or an old-fashioned chocolate flavour. In that case, it’s impossible to be wrong.