top tips Clean Your Gas or Charcoal Grill 

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Grilling is a popular American leisure activity, but although the ribs or burgers could merit the time and effort required, few people like the mess that is left behind. Grills are prone to getting dirty and quickly. Based on the food you’re cooking on the grill, and what type of equipment you’re using, it is essential to wash everything from fat the charred food particles to charcoal leftovers. Luckily, they’re not that difficult to clean, particularly when you’re on top of regular maintenance.

I talked to Christie Vanover, owner and pitmaster at Girls Can Grill, to learn her preferred cleaning techniques for gas and charcoal grills. This is what she had to say.

For People With Gas Grills

If you have a gas grill, then you’re in good shape. Gas grills are easy to clean because they run completely on propane or natural gas, which means you don’t have any leftover charcoal or pellet ash, Vanover declares. The only thing you have to concentrate on is cleaning any leftover food particles off the grills.

Clean After Every Cookout

If you don’t like having to clean your grill clean, ensure you perform regular maintenance after each barbecue. “After you take the meals from your grill and then switch the heat up to high and let it on for another five minutes. Utilize a grill brush to scrape off any food particles stuck to the grill’s grill grates. Simply shut off the grill, and it’s ready for the next time you cook,” shares Vanover.

However, not all grill brushes are made equal. It is important to choose one with sturdy bristles made of wire that can handle the bulk of all the lifting and a metal scraper at the other end that can break up hard-to-remove pieces. She suggests using the Cuisinart Comfort Grill Cleaner Brush. If the scraper does not work, you can use an empty spray bottle with water sprayed on the grill to loosen the debris.

If you do not have a grill brush, You can make use of a ball that has been rolled up from aluminium foil for the same result. It won’t work as good as a brush, but it will help remove some of the residues, Vanover says. Vanover. If the grill remains hot, be sure to wear gloves to ensure you don’t burn yourself.

“In addition to the residue that accumulates on the grill and the grill, food particles will produce drippings which will then be deposited in a small saucepan beneath the grill. Make sure you keep the pan in check and clean it out when it is full, she warns.

For the exterior that your grill has, all you’ll need is a moist microfiber cloth to clean the surface. You can dry using a second towel. “For tough grease, use Goo Gone or Simple Green. If you own a stainless grill, make sure to keep it clean using the Sprayway Cleaner for Stainless Steel along with Polish.

make sure to do A Deeper Cleaning Every Few Months

After a few months, the grates will require an appropriate scrub. Vanover suggests the use of an EarthStone GrillStone Cleaning Block, like a pumice block, which gets into areas that the wire brush won’t get to. “Once you’ve cleaned them, apply some vegetable oil to flavour the grates so food won’t stick to the subsequent cook .”

Clean the Inside Once a Year

If you don’t use charcoal, you don’t think that it’s necessary to wash the grill’s interior. However, Vanover suggests cleaning it at least every year. Depending on your grill, you should be able to use the straight edge of your grill brush to push all the build-up toward the hole in the bottom of the grill, Vanover advises. The build-up will then be able to fall to the bottom of the grill pan that you can throw out and then replace with a new one.

For People With Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills make a fantastic addition to any backyard due to the flavour that coals provide to both meat and vegetable. They do require more care than a typical gas grill. However, not nearly as you may imagine! Here’s how you can keep their grills in good shape all through summer.

Clean After Every Use

Like the gas grill, It’s recommended to clean the charcoal grill following each use. The initial phase of the cleaning procedure is similar to the grilling method: After you’re done with your grill, allow the charcoal to remain burning for another five minutes, ensuring that the grill is hot. After that, use your metal ball, wire brush or spray bottle to scrub the grates clean.

Here’s the point where we diverge: “Then, close off all the grill vents to stop the oxygen from entering. After a while, the coals will become out of the way, and you are able to take them off the barbecue,” Vanover says. Vanover. “Some people suggest spraying water on the charcoal grill to take out the coals faster. This isn’t a great option. The extreme heat coupled with the cool water could scratch the enamel of kettle grills and result in corrosion. If you’re using an electric charcoal grill, cracks may be more serious and may cause damage to the barbecue grill .”

After you’ve removed the ash, don’t dump it straight into the garbage. Instead, place it in an aluminium container you can only make use of for ash and seal it with the specific lid. “This way, I ensure the coals have several days to completely extinguish before they are combined with other trash that is flammable,” she adds.

When the ash has been cleared, clean the grill’s interior using paper towels. There is no need to make any extravagant changes except if you’ve got an abundance of grease at the bottom of your grill. You’ll need to put on Nitrile gloves — which are the same blue gloves that you have seen doctors wear to shield your hands, and then wipe them off using paper towels.

The exterior is equally simple to clean. “You can clean off any dirt with a damp cloth. If you’ve got grease splatters, you can apply a cleaner like Simple Green or Goo Gone. You can find bottles made for grills and barbecues,” Vanover suggests. Vanover.

Deep Clean Once a Year

To ensure a thorough cleaning every year, Vanover recommends cleaning the grates using Members Mark Commercial Oven, Grill as well as Fryer Cleaner — but it isn’t recommended to use it without caution. “Be certain to adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer. It is recommended to wear gloves that are impervious along with eye protectors. It’s quite potent. .”

After you’ve cleaned the grill, be sure that you wash your grill and completely dry it out so that you don’t get caught off guard by corrosion later on. “Then, re-season it by spraying it with cooking spray and allowing some charcoal to burn inside for 45 minutes to an hour,” she adds.